We are Artists Aware, a group of artist friends who have dealt with, many times, the problems associated with having your artistic creations online. People trace, edit, base, manipulate, outright steal / claim as their own, and more our hard work. We have gone through the trials, each of us, numerous times. We have gotten websites taken down, used DMCA Takedowns and Cease and Desists to have our artworks removed, and we have educated our other friends and acquaintances who have been able to protect themselves and their creations in turn.

Now we want to help you.

 We are not lawyers. We are by no means experts.

But we are here to share our experience and try to help you avoid people and sites that have a sour reputation. Due to the nature of copyrights, we also cannot (and will not) submit reports or takedown / cease and desists for anyone. You must personally use what we provide in education and resources to have a successful outcome.

Will your outcome be successful? We don’t know and can’t guarantee a successful outcome. But we know if you do nothing, nothing will change for the better.

Good luck and drop us a line on facebook!