This is a small contract you can use to sell your services online so you and your client know what to expect.

Effective Date of this Commission Contract is << date >>

This is a contract between << artist >> (“The Artist”) and << client >> (“The Client”) where the client is purchasing services or artwork (“The Service”) from the artist.

1. The client will pay the total owed << total >> in full before work begins using << PayPal, Check, site currency, Cash, etc – artists chooses >> by << date >>.

2. The artist sets a tentative date for completion of the service of << date range here >>. The artist makes no guarantee that the service will be completed at that date.

3. The artist guarantees a refund of << some % here or 0% if you don’t allow refunds >> the total purchase price if the work cannot be completed.

4. The artist will allow a maximum of << # here >> WIPs and changes to the service by the client for free. Additional changes to the service will be charged at << $ here >> per change.

5. The service being sold is:

<< list each service and price separately >>

6. The references for the service and the artist is:

<< list each reference provided by the client separately >>

7. Additional services being sold for the service is:

<< anything else like no watermark / sig, own the copyright to, mailing fees, etc >>

8. By paying for the service from the artist, and by the artist accepting payment, both parties have agreed to the terms of this contract. The contract is final and both parties shall receive a copy once payment in full is made and accepted.

<< always good to affix your watermark / signature too but you don’t have to >>