EDU: Facebook and Art Theft Success Story

This post is courtesy of the kindness of Marushi and Lotus, who have allowed us to use their screencaps and success story.

Lotus VS Daisy

Like most days, I am sure this started out normal for Lotus. However, it soon came to the attention of Lotus and others that a user on FB named Daisy had uploaded one of Lotus’ outfit adopts to her account without permission – something that is boldly stated is not okay by Lotus on every artwork they post to deviantART.

Lotus attempted to make contact with Daisy and was immediately blocked after commenting that they wanted their artwork removed. This is not uncommon unfortunately. It takes a lot of perseverance and thick skin to protect your content online. Thankfully, Lotus was able to get the links needed to file a report with Facebook – yes, in order for the process to work, you must be able to link Facebook to the user in question and your work on the user’s page. Lotus did this, and Facebook responded fairly quickly – something we are able to see because Daisy took to the internet to post a screencap and complain about being thumped for her wrongful actions.

The system worked in this case. Sometimes it doesn’t work this swiftly, but for Lotus who stayed on the path, Facebook took action to help protect their content. You must also “stay the course” when you have to protect your content – no matter what site you are on. Like Lotus, keep a cool head and stay calm. Like those amazing people who took to the cause and stayed calm to help get those links for Lotus, you too must find innovative ways to get the information you need to make your reports. It isn’t always easy, but it IS doable as Lotus and friends have shown us.

Information on Facebook, what they allow, their terms, and how to report your content as stolen.

On deviantART, Marushi’s original post on the incident.

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