FEAT: Geneva B

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Geneva B is an amazing artist who creates brilliant illustrations full of color, life, and happiness! Her works are inspiring, fun to look at over and over, and her works never fail to make you smile!

“I love working with colors, drawing big hair, and adding whimsy with a touch of realism and happiness.” ~Geneva B

Geneva B’s art is in a class all its own! The colors, the lines, the movement, the big hair oh my! Geneva is also a self taught artist whose love and passion for her craft leaps off the screen and page! Her skill is magnified by the little stories each artwork tells effortlessly to the viewer. Geneva has something for everyone to enjoy – you won’t be disappointed in following her and supporting her! Make sure to check out her website because Geneva B is found more places than what we listed here PLUS you can contact her directly AND SHOP there too!

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