FEAT: Mishihime

Mishi on deviantART

Mishihime (Mishi) is a wonderful artist with a great eye for detail! She is inspiring to many artists and helps other artists find and rekindle the love for their own art.

“Hi. … I’ve always enjoyed the art style of Japanese anime from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s – specifically Naoko Takeuchi, Rumiko Takahashi, Riyoko Ikeda, CLAMP, Toei, Sunrise, Studio Pierrot, etc.” ~Mishi

Mishihime is an exceptional person who inspires other artists with their journals, art, and wonderful personality! They posts journals on deviantART to inspire people such as this journal about improving your work. Mishi makes it a point to comment whenever possible to help supercharge artists, and they ask thought-provoking questions to artists and authors of their work which promotes critical thinking and improvement. Mishi’s art is also something to behold! They use fun and vibrant colors, beautiful poses, and Mishi has an array of wonderful OCs you will want to get to know! And with steady improvement over the years, they are an artist you will want to watch!

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