FEAT: Stefbani aka Crystalomic

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Stefbani is an absolutely fabulous, giving, and caring person. On top of it, she is also a fabulous artist who has been improving consistently throughout the years!

“Hi there! I’m Stef. … who loves everything sparkly, space, and pink! I’m a huge gamer and love finding new people to play with!” ~Stef Bani

Stef is an exceptional friend and artist (both traditional and digital art). All her friends – close or new – know they can count on her and speak frankly with her and get solid advice back in return. They also know she loves her craft and puts in her love and space goo into every line she puts down! Speaking of SPACE GOO, go check out Stef’s closed species! She has poured her heart and soul into creating an immersive, colorful, and fun set of species that are sure to invigorate you as a collector or artist! Find them on TOYHOUSE and DEVIANTART! And make sure you visit Stef at her new Patreon!

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