Evie | 23 | Taken | Artist | Ireland

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Hello, I’m Eve, also known by my alias on social media as finakiyomo. I am a self-taught illustrator, photographer and writer. My primary media is digital illustration, and I usually just draw random characters that I come up with. I am taken by my wonderful boyfriend of 3 1/2 years, TheArtFrog, whom I love very much.

As someone who has experienced having my art stolen before, I would like to try and educate people about art theft via my journal guides on DeviantArt. I also make other kinds of guides too.

My other hobbies include drawing, browsing and helping out around DA, chatting to my online friends on Discord, making speedpaints on YouTube, taking photographs of nature, writing about whatever I can think of, looking after my six fish and hanging out with my friends and boyfriend.

All art in this gallery © finakiyomo aka Evie Soderlund 2018 | All Rights Reserved.