How to Submit to Artists Aware

It is becoming increasingly obvious to us admins at Artists Aware that there is some confusion on HOW to submit to us or on WHAT NEEDS TO BE INCLUDED. We won’t post just anything people. Please read on!

What kinds of content do we post?

The most popular item we post are PSAs or “Public Service Announcements.” These are posted to make artists and buyers aware of shady business, thieves, market issues, problematic or sketchy sites, etc (also to make artists and buyers aware of good things too like our S4S PSAs). Other things we post are recommendations, features, general articles (like this one), fun posts (trivia/puzzle), and educational or how-to articles.

What do you accept submissions for?

We accept submissions for PSAs, recommendations, features, trivia/puzzle, S4S and educational/how-to content. Yes, you CAN suggest yourself!

What do you need to include in your submission?

  • PSAs require PROOF. We don’t do he-said-she-said. Back up your issue or complaint with visual proof. We will not do a negative PSA without a LOT of proof either, so spill it or go home. Some PSA content also needs to be backed up with 3 or more similar complaints by users, artists or buyers before we will post it. Generally speaking, we don’t post PSA content anonymously either.
  • S4S must be a website and deal with art or artists. Please include a paragraph telling us what you are about and include 1 to 3 testimonials from other people/clients if you have any. We will research you, but we will not go in-depth (that is on you). We will provide you with the same so you can feature us as well.
  • Recommendations and features require the name of the artist or place/site, their links (where do they live all over the internet?), a short blurb about what makes them so great, and 3 to 5 links to any images/products you have that we can feature (as applicable). We will fill in the rest. You are, however, encouraged to provide as much information as possible though!
  • Trivia and puzzles are intended to be fun and interesting (and basically factual people lol). If you want to submit any of that, make sure you include the trivia or puzzle question/statement, a short blurb/factoid about it, and the answer of course lol
  • Educational and how-to content must be factual and serve some kind of helpful purpose. Include the factual content as a 1 to 2 paragraph blurb. We will do the rest.

Where do I submit my content?

You can use the CONTACT FORM here on the website under ‘Find Us’ OR message us on FACEBOOK (also under ‘Find Us’). If you have issues with any of that, you can go the route of messaging our founder, Lantiis, on her deviantART account if you have a dA account. And finally, again, you can usually reach our founder on her email account when all else fails (she does check her spam folder periodically in case your email goes there).

Can I remain anonymous?

Yes! There are certain conditions where that is probably not possible, but as a general rule, we don’t mind redacting names on screenshots and submitting content as “anonymous” among other things.

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