Hello! I am a hobbyist digital/traditional artist and photographer. I designed the wordpress site, logo, and icon for Artists Aware. I am the primary admin here, and protecting my work and the work of other honest hardworking artists is a driving force in my life. I have tackled entire sites who wouldn’t take my art down even after a DMCA and their providers have since shut the sites down. Other sites have complied with my requests and takedowns. It seems like every day is a new day for someone to come use my art without my permission.

I am a single mother of an amazing daughter. I am also a reverend and an Air Force veteran. I have a BS in Math. I have a couple medical conditions that make life… interesting… I work full time and being a single mom, there is hardly any time in the day for art. I do make time for some art (usually art with my daughter) tho it is usually about my species, the Ambrivans, or commission / prizes. I always have a couple projects going on – life is never boring here!

Drop me a line anytime. Check out my website for pricing! And enjoy this mini gallery of some of my best works: Digital Art >> Traditional Art >> Designs / Logos >> Photography

All art in this gallery © Lantiis aka Elizabeth Whittaker | All Rights Reserved.