PSA: Alec Gates

This is a PSA on Alec Gates, a buyer of custom dolls and costumes/designs. Alec might possibly be a nice person, but they have terrible business practices, break contracts, and do PayPal chargebacks on the artists they hire (if Alec even pays in the first place).

The artist in question (our victim here) is a custom doll and costume / design maker named Vanisher’s Moon. Vanisher’s Moon was commissioned for a doll and doll costume by Alec some weeks ago (now a little over a month ago). Vanisher’s Moon has commission rules that state quite clearly that payment is non-refundable, paid 100% in full up front, and that work will take 3 to 4 months to complete. Under no circumstances is their terms confusing or questionable. Alec knew these terms and still, 5 weeks into the commission, started processes with PayPal to get their money back despite their agreement to a clear no-refund policy.


Please consider donating to Vanisher’s Moon to help her recoup what she can of the chargeback.

Charging back on an artist (or any business person) is a hateful thing to do. It pulls funds from their bank accounts that they may not have which overdrafts them, causes them to get extra fees and penalties placed on them, and may bounce other payments they have going out. Recovering from something like this is not easy to do and is extremely stressful. Alec Gates has not only done this to Vanisher’s Moon but to others as well. We have seen reports of several and have permission to post the screencaps of two specifically – identities removed for security purposes:


Vanisher’s Moon did receive contact from Alec Gates before they started processes with PayPal. They were respectful and patient, explained and re-explained the terms Alec agreed to, and even offered to expedite their commission above other paying customers. Alec Gates, despite the offers, refused and made other demands that are clearly not workable for an artist who already began the process of their commission, using the money paid up front in accordance with Vanisher’s Moon terms and conditions. Alec Gates cannot seem to be reasoned with. These screencaps are reposted with permission from Vanisher’s Moon of their conversation with Alec Gates:


In addition to being unreasonable, breaking contract, starting a chargeback with PayPal against a ToS non-refundable policy that they had agreed to, Alec Gates has also now started contacting other people and defaming and slandering Vanisher’s Moon for not giving them a refund (something they agreed to when they commissioned Vanisher’s Moon in the first place). We have permission to publish two screencaps currently available:


Alec Gates is proving to be not just be a repeat offender but one that will escalate quickly, even when unprovoked. Please use extreme caution when dealing with Alec Gates should you choose to deal with them. And please, if you can, donate to or share Vanisher’s Moon to help them recover from this ordeal that Alec Gates has put them through. And go like Vanisher’s Moon on Facebook – show some support and see their amazing art!

Please be aware that this article is not a call to action against any one person or group. Please do not harass anyone on our behalf or the behalf of others.

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    1. That is the general consensus from what we have been told and what individuals are reporting to us and Vanisher’s Moon. It is sad to have this PSA on them, but it is worse that they thought their bad behavior was okay and would not catch up to them.

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