PSA: Magustrix and Reposters

This is a PSA on Magustrix who is a “reposter” on the deviantART website.

Magustrix is a “reposter” or a person who reposts official and fanmade arts but doesn’t ‘claim credit’ for them. Reposters think that their behavior is harmless and legal because they don’t make money off of it or lie to people that the art is their creation. HOWEVER, these people do not realize that, like on dA, they signed an electronic legal document that everything they post is their intellectual property – so they ARE taking credit for it even if they are not stating so verbally on each work. On dA even, each work is underscored by a copyright claim with the user’s name who uploaded the artwork.

In addition to the credit issue, reposting art is often called “free advertisement” and touted as being beneficial to artists everywhere. Not so. We know how to market our own art. Furthermore, we did not seek out help nor enter into agreement with anyone to have them work for us for free as some reposters will have you believe. As a matter of fact, this ‘beneficial act’ of reposting our art takes money out of our pockets by producing doubt as to who the original artist actually is. It also takes views, likes, comments, critiques, and more from the artist who can use these valuable tools to become an even better artist.


Magustrix is aware that the actions of reposting are wrong. Once found and called out by other artists on deviantART, Magustrix has chosen to hide their entire gallery (have to click ALL to see the reposted works), hide their activity feed, and hide any and all comments linking the original artists to them and their artworks. Magustrix is also hiding comments showing any and all visitors what they are doing wrong on their front page. While Magustrix doesn’t appear to be changing their stripes and doing the right thing, they are going to an awful lot of work to try and cover their tracks as they repeatedly take and repost the artwork of artists in the deviantART community (as well as official content from movies).

Please be aware that this article is not a call to action against any one person or group. Please do not harass anyone on our behalf or the behalf of others.

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