PSA: Qrriiuss

This PSA isn’t about theft but about a user who accepts commissions and then later refuses them, doesn’t communicate with buyers, and sometimes forces refunds on buyers without explanation. It is advised that you COMMISSION WITH CAUTION.

This is a PSA on a deviantART user named Qrriiuss. The contents contained are from a dA user who commissioned Qrriiuss who soon learned that the artist is tactless and lacks dedication and consistency (in a business manner).

The victim here, Erediell, commissioned Qrriiuss who accepted the commission and the money. Under most circumstances, this is where it ends: the artist creates the art, the buyer gets the art, and everybody wins. But in this case, after some time of ignoring and belittling Erediell, Qrriiuss forced a refund with no explanation.

NOW IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE that NO ONE is disputing an artist’s right to give a refund if they cannot finish, don’t want to finish, have a technical problem, etc. BUT we ARE stating it is improper to force a refund without giving any heads up and only giving any kind of reasoning AFTER THE FACT (I mean, once you are done ignoring your buyer anyways). Speaking of, no buyer should have to send the artist they commission multiple communications to get an answer on anything. That is just bad business.


How did all this commission drama come about? Erediell commissioned Qrriiuss for an OC reference sheet, and after reviewing the initial progress, Erediell asked Qrriiuss to add in some missed details which is when they started to become “passive aggressive.” It is in the full right of any buyer to be able to ask for appropriate changes to their OC, so the later responses Erediell received from Qrriiuss was disproportionate to the request made – the initial response is what anyone would expect from Qrriius or any artist they commission…

The other issue here is the lack of tact on the part of Qrriiuss. Be it ignoring their buyer to the way they speak to their buyers (comments, notes – across multiple mediums like dA and Discord), Qrriius lacks any business sensibility and personal tact. Buyers have to be able to communicate with the artist they commission and feel safe and respected in doing so.


“I’ve been wanting to commission her since April, and I feel that refusing to do my commission in favour of other commissions for no logical reason is unfair towards me as a customer and as a supporter of her art. I also gave her a tip, but she didn’t even thank me for it. After my friend noted her for the last time within the last few days, she suddenly decided to go on an ‘indefinite hiatus’.” ~ Erediell

Be Aware Across the Net: Discord: qrriiuss#3489  ||  Instagram: qrriiuss

The other two issues here are that a friend of Erediell attempted to intervene to get things moving along. Despite that, the friend was lied to even though Erediell has screenshots of everything. And Qrriiuss is still ignoring Erediell to this day despite Erediell’s desire to have the commission finished and has a willingness to pay. The other of the two issues is that while Erediell was waiting on a PAID FOR commission, Qrriiuss took on other commissions and put them ahead of other paid-for commissions. That is just bad business, and it is compounded when you are simultaneously ignoring your buyer who is desperately trying to find out WHY they are being treated that way.

“I am currently in limbo about the whole situation, and I’m not sure whether she will pick up my commission again in October [when she says she will reopen commissions], as my Note enquiry about this has yet to be read.” ~ Erediell

Please be aware that this article is not a call to action against any one person or group. Please do not harass anyone on our behalf or the behalf of others.

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