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We have featured Alisa before because we already knew she was an amazing artist, but we have since learned she is far more amazing as a person than we could have ever imagined!

One of our own admins is a huge fan of Alisa and planned to attend Florida Supercon to get some of her art and actually MEET her! Well the best laid plans and all that… long story short, Dustkeeper was able to get a friend who was going to go buy an artwork from Alisa for her since she ended up not able to attend. Dustkeeper’s friend told Alisa the story of her feature and her fan, and Alisa so kindly sent a care package home to Dustkeeper and her daughters!

I’m sitting here fan girling. I was not able to make it to Florida supercon to meet my favorite artist so the lovely ***name redacted*** was willing to proxy for me and pick up a print for the kids’ room. After she spoke with Alisa vysochina (@alisadraws on Instagram and YouTube) the artist filled a bag with goodies and two personal notes to me and the girls. ~Dustkeeper

It goes farther than this as Dustkeeper is an artist herself, and Alisa has inspired her to strive for a whole new level of artistry:

One of the images (the last one that I show in way too much detail) is the one that inspired me to move out of my comfort zone and into more traditional art. She had no way of knowing this since I had only ever told my husband. I’m in tears and just sitting, staring at them. ~Dustkeeper

Dustkeeper is extremely grateful to her friend who helped her by going to buy the artwork and talk to Alisa for her since she couldn’t attend the con, and she is extremely grateful to Alisa for the adorable care package to her and her children:

She is absolutely precious and will always be my fave artist. ~Dustkeeper

Visit Alisa at one of her pages!

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